September 23, 2016




The two most wonderful phenomenon of Human Life Is LIFE and DEATH. Reasons and Time for the happening of these two stages of Human Life is uncertain and unaccountable. So being born is the time we gain our consciousness and we are dormant a...

September 17, 2016

It is very often that when we hear the word UFO, we are fascinated and excited. We are eager to seewhat really a UFO is! The questions which hit our minds are do UFOs really exist? Are we the only  ones who are alone, living into the universe? Is earth the only planet...

September 9, 2016

 The concept of the soul and of reincarnation have always been a topic of debate. The origins of my interest in reincarnation go back to my mother, that was a born spiritualist. I have always felt that we, as individuals, may have memories within us that are not of thi...

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