February 17, 2017

Hi friends, after a lot of practical techniques expressed in previous articles on Telekinesis, let us get into the History and Science of Telekinesis also we will study on Psychokinesis and present latent psychic world.

To start with, let’s see history of the word Telek...

November 26, 2016

When it comes to the best articles on paranormal, ITC Voices never fails to deliver the best. Here's one such. Visit ITC Voices for more such amazing stuff.

Scientists Call for Post-Materialism Studies to Include Consciousness, NDE’s and Psy

The following manifesto defin...

November 11, 2016

Once I was in art class and there is this girl in my art class who I don't really like and one day she was really starting to make me angry and then suddenly the glass full of water right next to her vigorously tipped over and smashed on the table spilling everywhere...

October 31, 2016

Halloween Celebrations: A Historical View

Halloween. Many of us celebrate it but know not its history. Those of us in the paranormal field know that legend holds that the veil is thinnest on Halloween and it is a great night to commune with the spirit world. But why? Wh...

September 23, 2016




The two most wonderful phenomenon of Human Life Is LIFE and DEATH. Reasons and Time for the happening of these two stages of Human Life is uncertain and unaccountable. So being born is the time we gain our consciousness and we are dormant a...

September 17, 2016

It is very often that when we hear the word UFO, we are fascinated and excited. We are eager to seewhat really a UFO is! The questions which hit our minds are do UFOs really exist? Are we the only  ones who are alone, living into the universe? Is earth the only planet...

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