What is PAIRS?

The Parapsychology and Investigations Research Society, is an organisation of dedicated Paranormal investigators, Parapsychologists,Paranormal researchers, Demonologists, Spiritual healers and Counsellors dealing in scientific study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena. We at P.A.I.R.S aim to find the nature of human and its mind through intensive research, experiments and investigations. The P.A.I.R.S is an organisation, that has dedicated itself to remove the fear of the unknown by educating the mass with its research work. 

Is my property haunted ?

There are many incidences to look out for to see if your property is haunted. The most common signs are suddenly feeling cold/ hot spots inside a closed environment, heaviness, repeated hearing of footsteps or knocks, hearing disembodied voices, feeling of being observed, seeing dark shows or apparitions. In certain cases, people also experience poltergeist activities, where they may find objects disappearing and appearing, objects getting displaced, electrical appliances start malfunctioning.

How can I ask P.A.I.R.S to look into my problem?

You can call P.A.I.R.S on the given phone numbers or you can mail us,you can fill up the form by going to the 'Contact' page, message us on our Facebook page or tweet us on Twitter. If sending a mail or messaging or tweeting, you will be contacted back soon by our Case Manager, who will be having a brief phone call interview regarding the problem. Then, a date will be booked for investigation and the details of investigators who will be investigating your property, will be mailed to you.

What's next ?

You will be asked to sign the  Property Access and Liability Release as well as an Information and Evidence Release for an investigation to proceed. With due respect we assure you that all your details are safe with us and will remain confidential, unless released by the client.

How do you investigate ?

P.A.I.R.S is an organsation having dedicated paranormal investigators, paranormal researchers, parapsychologists, demonologists, psychic mediums, spiritual healers and counsellors. We use a mixture of spiritual and scientific methods to investigate. Our investigation team consists of paranormal investigators, having the latest technologies and psyhcic mediums, to attempt a possible communication with the energies. Our investigators would be walking to the hotspots or to the most active locations having certain gadgets. We will be also using cctv cameras, to have a look of what's happening in our presence. Later, all the evidences are collected to sent to our Analysis Department, to analyse.

Is it dangerous to be with you, while the investigation is being carried out ?

No, its totally not dangerous to be present while we are conducting the investigations. We encourage the property owners, to be with us and experience the investigation.

What happens if the evidences prove the presence of something ?

P.A.I.R.S has some of the best cleansers, who would be cleansing your property if found something. Later, we have counselors, who would be counselling you, to get rid of the fear or trauma, due to those happenings.

Do you take seminars or workshops ?

Yes! We conduct workshops all over the country. Our workshop includes topics such as Parapsychology, getting rid of fear from the unknown, spiritual workshops etc. We also take seminars and workshops at different educational institutions or corporate programmes.

Can I join P.A.I.R.S ?

Yes! A Certificate holder in any Metaphysics topic, or doing any course from PAIRS, is a pre-requisite for joining  PAIRS.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook handle, to always be updated on our recruitment.

Do you provide internship?

Yes! We do provide an exclusive internship on Parapsychology to the students of Psychology or with a background of Psychology.

Do your members get paid?

PAIRS, as a work space, is a voluntary service.

Do your Course Certificates have any value?

Yes, at the end of the course you will receive the Certificates issued by the Parapsychology Reformative Social Society (P.R.S.S), which is our parent Organisation.

P.R.S.S is a registered Society, under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 having been registered as per the Govt. of India Rules & Acts.

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