The haunted camps is an initiative by  India’s only registered parapsychology society, the Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society, the Earth Rovers and Netzach media, to provide you, one of it’s kind experience with the blend of nature camps and the paranormal. With the experience gained after years of investigation, the parapsychologyand investigations research society, wishes to educate the world on paranormal by ways of busting myths and superstitions and knowing closely the world of the spirits, by blending with the experiences of the earth rovers in the field of nature camping and its aspects


28th June-30th June 2019

Mount Abu, the only hill station in rajasthan falls under the Aravali Range in Sirohi district in western India, holds a very significant role in the puranas. It forms a distinct rocky plateau of 22kms and is surrounded by deep forest.the highest peak is Guru Shikhar at 1,722m above the sea level and is home to river, lakes,  waterfalls and evergreen forests. Abu has an unique identity, as it has the only Rock climbing institute in India, and also has all types of rock formations, making it a favorite spot  for rock climbers and trekkers. This perfect setting of geography and forest gives the ideal environment for wildlife exploration and adventure activities.

But like every coin has 2 sides, apart from it’s beauty, mount abu has also seen wars, deaths, murders and suicides. with such dark pasts, mount abu could be the haunted location you’re looking for. With paranormal professionals we will try to make contact with the dead by conducting experiments, playing ouija board and understanding the world of paranormal very, very closely.


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