1.  With our mission of studying the human and its mind, by research, experiments and investigations,we envise an organisation that aims to become one of the most trusted resource in the field of anomalous research, by providing evidences through our research, experiments and investigations. We envision, an organisation where common people can learn about human and its mind by conducting  effective research and learn certain life skills. Moreover, our organisation will include people from variety of backgrounds without any discrimation.

2.  We maintain an open and healthy approach towards the paranormal and psychic phenomenon. There are many empirical evidences over the years, that display the existence of the paranormal phenomenon in our world. We at P.A.I.R.S aim to see and find the most rational and natural explanations to such phenomenon, for which we take the help of both science and spirituality. 

3.  All the departments are headed by their respected Head of Departments. Though, we all are working towards the same goal, that is finding the truth.

4.  P.A.I.R.S is an organisation having dedicated paranormal investigators, paranormal researchers, parapsychologists, demonologists, psychic mediums, spiritual healers and counselors. We use a mixture of spiritual and scientific methods to investigate. Our investigation team consists of paranormal investigators, having the latest technologies and psychic mediums, to attempt a possible communication with the energies. Our investigators would be walking to the hotspots or to the most active locations having certain gadgets. We will be also using CCTV cameras, to have a look of what's happening in our presence. Later, all the evidences are collected to sent to our Analysis Department, to analyse.

5.  We use a variety of devices to investigate the paranormal, research on our theories or to experiment on our research works. The devices we use manily consists of EMF sensors or detectors, EVP recorders, motion sensor cameras, touch sensors to name a few. All are scientific devices and work on scientific methodology.

6.  Every member, must represent P.A.I.R.S in the most professional way and should always work in upholding its dignity and credibility and reputation. The paranormal community, strives for solid evidences. Every member should work to get the best evidence.

7.  Every case is different and so does our approach towards it. The Case Manager is reponsibile for noting down the important incidences, that might help the investigators, while investigating.

8.  The Case Manager is not allowed to share the incidences with our psychic mediums beforehand.

9.  The Case Manager is responsible for the proper coordination of the investigations.

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