A brief about UFOs

It is very often that when we hear the word UFO, we are fascinated and excited. We are eager to seewhat really a UFO is! The questions which hit our minds are do UFOs really exist? Are we the only ones who are alone, living into the universe? Is earth the only planet on which life exists? Aliens, if they do exist what will be their approach towards us? Will they be friendly or will they wage a attack on the human race?

Let us first understand what really a UFO is?

Any unknown unexplained anomaly which is noticed into the sky and which is an unidentifiable object can be termed as UFO.

UFOs have become a major subject of interest in today’s world. They have also become inspiration

behind various books and movies. People day in and day out are trying to figure out what various

types of UFOs can be.

Aerial phenomenon which was unexplained for example, comets, meteors, planets which can be seenwith naked eyes, atmospheric optical phenomena such as parhelia, lenticular clouds, etc. has its

history from as early as possibly 467 BC. An example of such is Halley’s Comet which was first

recorded by the Chinese Astronomers in 240 BC. And people used to assume them as UFOs. It was only later, when they were proved not to be.

It was first on January 25, 1878, when the first UFO was spotted. At Denison, Texas a local farmer,

John Martin first reported seeing a large circular object resembling a balloon flying at wonderful

speed. According to Martin, these flying objects resembled and were like the shape of a saucer. And

this is where the use of the word “Saucer” began to be associated with a UFO. The news about UFO sighting was also first published in the news paper “The Denison Daily”.

Crop Circles

Organized formation of crops (usually grains) which can be seen around the world, due

interaction of energy i.e. light, sound and magnetism can be termed as crop circles. There are

many theories behind formation of crops circles. Some people say that they were formed within

seconds with bright light surrounding them leading to the formation while some humans claim to

have made a few by their own selves.

However, even crop circles is a part of my research activity and soon we will be out with an

exclusive article on the same.

But do UFOs really exist is a matter of time. One of our active members of P.A.I.R.S Mr. Ck Bisht

shared his experience as seeing a UFO sighting near Dwarka Mod, Delhi. According to CK At first

glance it felt like a plane to him, but then he noticed that there was light around it and it was round in shape.On asking him further,he said the object was rotating in circular motion with a stable cabin over it. It was moving a slow pace. Neither it was like a airplane, nor a helicopter. Though our team member could not get a picture of it due non availability of a camera which could a capture a picture from distance but soon we will try getting all the snaps possible for you readers. We also hope to catch such other activities which might further add on to our human knowledge about aliens and


In this short article my aim was to update you regarding what a UFO can be termed as, the history ofUFOs, how it got its terminology as flying saucer, a little something about crop circles. We have more articles coming up on it where in I will be investigating more on Aliens, UFOs, crop

circles and also doing a research and explaining the investigations and researches carried out in the past.

Stay tuned as we will be coming up with more articles on UFOs, aliens and other extra-terrestrial life, possible explanations to such phenomenons and many more.

Lets Bring Light Into Darkness!

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