Mind game?!

Once I was in art class and there is this girl in my art class who I don't really like and one day she was really starting to make me angry and then suddenly the glass full of water right next to her vigorously tipped over and smashed on the table spilling everywhere on her and her art work, she didn't touch it at all. At first I just thought it was a coincidence but the more I thought about it the more interested I got, I got a bowl of water and placed a floatable ball on the top. At first nothing happened but after about 30 minutes the ball was moving, then I just concentrated really hard to make it stop, and it did, dead still. The water rippled beneath it but it was dead still. By this time I was really quite amazed actually that was until me and my best friend got in a fight. About two days after it happened we were in a play together and we were rehearsing and I couldn't help but stare at her in anger, and when I did I felt this heat rush through me, as soon as her eyes met mine, she first thought I was being creepy and kinda giggled at me (but can you blame her) but after about a second her eyes flung to meet mine and then they rolled back into her head and she fainted in front of everyone....” by Lara Blue April 6, 2014

What can we interpret from the above example is the energy that we posses towards people, objects and things can be manifested even without physically touching them or acting on them. It’s a Mind game or we can say it’s an Energy Game!!

Fusing Your Energy with the Energy of The Object Until Both Energies Becomes One/ Same Energy is underlining basis of TELEKINESIS.

This phenomenon in parapsychology is known as “Telekinesis”. (from TELE "far off" and KINESIS "movement”)

Telekinesis is a term used in parapsychology as either an alternate for psychokinesis or as the name of a specialty ability under the umbrella term o psychokinesis, to refer to using the power of the mind to cause the movement of matter at a distance.

The word 'psychokinesis' was coined in 1914 by American author Henry Holt in his book On the Cosmic Relations. The term is a linguistic blend of the Greek language words ("psyche") – meaning mind, soul, spirit, or breath – and ("kinesis") – meaning motion, movement.

Psychokinesis or telekinesis, is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction.

Parapsychologists divide psychokinetic phenomena into two categories: macro-psychokinesis - large-scale psychokinetic effects that can be seen with the naked eye, and micro-psychokinesis - small-scale psychokinetic effects that require the use of statistics to be detected. Some psychic phenomena, such as telekinesis, psychic healing, retrocausality and pyrokinesis, are considered types of psychokinesis.

Let me take you to another interesting story of Snaket3r posted on 8.8.2012-

“I was about 16/17 years old (I live alone since I was 13, now I'm 23). I was in the kitchen filling my fridge with stuff. On the other side of the room was the washing machine. It was on. It's important to mention that every time my washing machine went into centrifuge stage it jumped around like crazy. My microwave oven sits on my washing machine so I always move it away when doing the laundry. This time I had forgotten. The second I heard the washing machine is going into centrifuge I knew I was in trouble. So I looked at it and mentally screamed "NO! STOP!"... And the machine stopped. I thought to myself "Great, my washing machine is broken, have to repair it" I didn't even think of the possibility that I stopped it with my mind. Then I went to it, the "on" button was still pressed and the dim was on. I pressed the button to turn it off, then I pressed it again and... The machine started. I was shocked because I realized what have just happened. Year after that I was at home, I have studied all day and night (had a big project in school for which they gave me one month to prepare, and of course I started one day before the due date). I was done with it at about 5:00 AM and I had to be in school at 7:30, so sleeping was not an option since I knew I won't wake up in time. So I sat on my couch and just relaxed, without closing my eyes. My monitor was in front of me and after 15 minute it went in idle mode (black screen, blinkin light) Lost track of time and everything. After a while I was in a strange mind conscious like dreaming awake and you're not sure if this is a dream or reality. My mind was focused on my monitor and I said "go" in my mind for no apparent reason. It turned on! The moment it turned on it got me out of this "mind state" and I was shocked again. I know I did it with my mind, because even if my PCs mouse was moved with an inch, this couldn't get it out from sleeping mode. You had to first wake the mouse with a move (and its lights turn on), then with a second move wake up the monitor. The monitor was on, but yet, the mouse's lights were off. And nothing touched the keyboard for sure! These are the only two telekinesis events ever happened to me, but I'm pretty sure we have many hidden powers, waiting for us to discover.”


Every One who has practiced Telekinesis successfully gave the following advice:

  • Meditation: One way of doing this is by meditation to clear your mind. Meditation is a must, but it will help you relax and strengthen your concentration.

  • Believing that its true: False beliefs are a well known obstacle to achieving anything. If you think that you can’t play tennis then this will be reflected in your performance and you won’t perform well. The first step to develop a skill is to believe that you can do it

  • Open Your Mind / Learning how to concentrate: Telekinesis requires a very high level of concentration, you cant move an object with your thoughts when your mind is full of other ideas, stress and worries. By learning how to be focused and by mastering your thoughts you will be getting a step closer to developing Telekinesis. Learning how to relax is also a good idea.

  • Enhancing your brain functions: we use only a small portion of our brains. if we were able to fully utilize our brains we will definitely discover many of our hidden abilities.

  • Relax: If you're meditating, hopefully this won't be an issue. Can you imagine trying to channel your energy and dispelling all excess thought when you're strung out about your job, your relationship, or what someone said today at school? Nope. Impossible. So relax. Let it go. For this to work, you have to fully and truly be in this moment. Your brain cannot be anywhere else.

Steps for Doing a Telekinesis Experiment

Here are the steps required in order to test or to develop your Telekinesis ability:

  • Step One: Focus on the object for about 10 minutes until you feel it’s a part of you

  • Step Two: Visualizing the change you want to do to the object whether its bending it or moving it. You need to become one with the object, feel it, make it a part of you. Connect with the object and visualize it like an extra arm, or try to blend your energy with the object and move it. Don’t think or wish, just move it.

  • Step Three: Trying to move the object is the final step, you should never use force because it will not work

How much Time do I need in order to develop Telekinesis?

Developing the Telekinesis skill will depend on your starting point. Some people take weeks, others take months while others take years.

Being patient and believing that you can do it is the key. A helpful tip that can help you develop Telekinesis faster is trying to bend small objects or objects that require a very little amount of energy.

Telekinesis is not something you can learn in a day or overnight, it requires everyday practice. The more you practice, the stronger it becomes. Be patient. A "long time" in the telekinetic world, at least when it comes to practicing, is years. Not weeks, not months, years. You may have to practice hundreds, maybe even thousands of times before you stumble upon that magical, effective mixture of energy. There's no telling when or where it will strike -- you just have to keep at it.

All the above needs everyone to understand that everything around us is ENERGY and to tap that Energy we need to first BELIEVE in the power of OUR Energy and that of OTHER.

Borrow Energy: Another important thing is to use the natural energy around you, trees, sunlight, moving water, etc to do this. We need not always use our own personal energy. You will feel giddy, tired and fatigue after experiences, but that is because you had bottle emotional energy, and in the act of telekinesis, that energy was removed from you completely. Windy days are also powerful, only more so by storms and lightning or thunder. These are all energies you can borrow from.

Some people have mistaken the Telekinesis phenomenon by co-relating it with Magic and Tricks. It’s lack of their belief and awareness in this powerful phenomenon of Parapsychology.

So stay tuned for many such interesting stuffs on platter of Parapsychology and Investigation Research Society (P.A.I.R.S)

Thank You.







Henry Holt - book On the Cosmic Relations :

https://archive.org/details/oncosmicrelatio00holtgoog (Online book link-Volume I)

https://archive.org/details/oncosmicrelation02holtiala (Online book link-Volume II)

Caution if required to be put: To do any such acts is completely viewer’s will and responsibility and not in any manner connected to contents of this article or in any manner modes specified in this article.

Lets Bring Light Into Darkness!

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