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"Bringing Light Into Darkness", with our tagline in mind, we set in a venture to give the world, the right knowledge or what we call the light (nopes, not en-LIGHT-ment). But we didn't want a workshop that will just give out knowledge, I mean there are so many schools teaching the same subjects but still there is only one topper. The point is, we want to conduct something, where people can take back something with them. Something, that they can transfer to their future generations. But we had no clue, what the content should be, what the name should be, the price, the age group, nothing. We just left a message to the universe, to help us, to guide us. And then on one fine day, one of our founders, Pooja Vijay, started getting stuffs out of nowhere, or what we believe was from the "Universal intelligence". She wrote down every single thing and pinged Sarbajeet. And everything was perfect and as expected.

The name we got, was OMKARA. Without going much deeper into the name, we gave it our own meaning. We defined, every alphabet according to our own perception. The date was fixed, 18th December 2016. Sarbajeet, had to travel from his hometown to Mumbai, to join Pooja for the workshop. We announced the date and fees, some 15 days prior to the event. it was PAIRS, very first workshop and we were literally in a doubtful mind regarding the participation. The registrations started rolling and we had 15 people registered before the Early Bird tickets ended. And very honestly, we were happy. For our very first workshop, 15 was a big number. The day was near and we were pretty serious facing the audience. Though the founders have a pretty good experience with the cameras, but facing an audience was a big thing, atleast for that particular point of time.

And the day was here, 18th of December. The team was already at the venue 1hr prior to the scheduled time. The banner was fixed, the speakers were ready, the projecting was fine, everything was set and so were the speakers. Participants entered one by one and all 15 participants were present. But 15 wasn't the real number. 6 more people registered on the spot, bringing the numbers to an amazing 21. We were amazed.

The first part was to be taken by Pooja Vijay and she started the workshop with an amazing vibe. Hours passed and back of the mind all we had was, are the people getting engaged? are they loving it? are they learning something? Just to calm our monkey mind, we saw people literally smiling and enjoying the exercises and seminars. From 3pm to 8pm, all the people thoroughly enjoyed. How the hours passed, no one had a clue about. All the focus was what the speakers were delivering.

The workshop was different and wouldn't hesitate saying, a benchmark on how the workshops are being conducted in India and worldwide. Our aim was very clear, it will be beyond religions and religious beliefs. But there was no expectations that people from nearly every religion will participate and openly listen to us. When researched on the name of the workshop, OMKARA, we were shocked to find that, Sikhism's central tenet has a wording called "Ek Omkar Satnam", meaning "There is only one Supreme Reality". And our workshop reflected it, perfectly!

There was no age bar, but we had a minimum limit of 18 years old. And to our astonishment, the workshop consisted of people having an age of 18 to people who are as old as 80. And everyone participated actively, without limiting their thought processes to their religion or age.

The workshop ended with a high note, with the same people pre-registering for our next workshop. Super amazing.

This is what the participants have to say:

"Thanks for guiding. I'm feeling very energetic and happy after attending the workshop." ~ Munira Shayer

"The workshop was really very nice and knowledge gaining. Knowing our self and refreshing." ~ Neeta

"A million thanks for telling the most difficult things in the most simplest way and language. Simple to understand and simple to reach the heart and absorb into the mind." ~ Radhika

"Heartfelt thanks to the team for the wonderful experience. This onion is really wanting to shed off the layers and reach the core" ~ Heena

"Thank you team for the energetic experience" ~ Sammrudhi

"Lot of learning, healing and refresh attitude towards life, blessed!" ~ Madhavi

And the success of this workshop, showed us a light, that we are finally working towards our aim, our goal and bringing light into darkness!

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