Heaven is not about religious beliefs ,but spiritual actions || Part 1

For love is stronger than death, passion fiercer then the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire ,a raging flame . Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it .” Song of Solomon 8:6-7

It is not true as some people would want to believe, that we get to heaven by giving to beliefs in God. It is love and not the doctrine that create spiritual growth. Religions are cultural institutions but Love is Universal. All religions’ refer to the same GOD ,as each and every religion have different ways of trying to describe the same GOD.

Indian and Western near –death experiences resemble each other in some respects but differ in others. Subjects of Indian NDEs do not report seeing their own physical form during the NDE, although the western subjects usually do. Subjects of Indian NDEs frequently report being taken to the after death realm by the functionaries who then discover that a mistake has been made and the person is sent back, where upon the person he or she revives. In contrast the western subjects, if they say anything about why they revived ,mention meeting deceased family members who told them to go back, or say they came back because of the ties of love and duty with the living person or say they were told its not their time to die.

Many people have questioned the difference between such experiences .The reason is because everyone has their own cultural and religious background by which they see their experience.

“ One of the near-death experience truth is that each person integrates their near-death experience into their own pre-existing belief system.” – Jody Long researcher with NDERF.

This important truth must be kept in the back of one’s mind when reading about NDEs.

Let us try and understand NDEs as source of many religious concepts.

NDE Archetypal interpretation : it has been consistent throughout history as Being of Light in world of Myths and religion show us the parallel with the light in the NDE that are consistent across time and cultures.

The phenomenon of Being of Light of the NDE has parallel to:

1. The light of god reflected on the shining face of Moses on the Mountain.

2. The transfiguration of Christ.

3. The union of the individual and the universal soul called Atma in Hinduism.

4. The clear light of enlightenment in Buddhism.

5. The same light has been compared to mystical Shamanic journeys and to Kundalini Yoga’s Mystical State .

This research is inspired by the work of Jody Long & Carl Becker.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this very topic.

Let's Bring Light Into Darkness!

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