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After making a huge difference in many lives in Mumbai, PAIRS with it's very own workshop, OMKARA, was ready to set the same momentum in a brand new city. But, there was this same question hovering in the minds of the Founders of PAIRS, also the key note speakers of OMKARA , Sarbajeet Mohanty and Pooja Vijay. And the question was …. The Next City ?!

Within a week’s time the psychics of the team confirmed the chosen city to be, The City of Knowledge, Pune!! Then… the founders were faced with a unique challenge, they knew no one in the city other than one of the members of PAIRS, Rashida Contractor. Small or big, any form of hurdle is taken as a blessing in disguise by the team and they continue with their mission. They had a word with Rashida who was more than willing to help them make this event happen.

The work commenced, OMKARA Pune was announced. The chosen date was Feb 26, 2017 which happened to coincide with the Annual Solar Eclipse, a perfect day holding high energies. Rashida meanwhile worked hard finding the right place. The place which was finalised was “OM’’ Studio, perfect name, in perfect sync with OMKARA.

Everything was going as per the divine plan and the synchronicities confirmed it. But then, came the next hurdle, and this time a bigger one… There were no registrations happening.. ( The team is just 6 months old you see ). Planning an event in a brand new city is a challenge by itself! The team didn’t leave any stone unturned to make this event happen.

They did their part and left the rest to the universe and stayed positive. And they were connfident. Confident that universe is going to manifest something for sure. The last week before the event, registrations came pouring in, not only from Pune but from places as far as Navi Mumbai and Thane.

And then came The Day..

Sarbajeet had flown down from Odisha and Pooja came down from Navi Mumbai. The team reached the venue, OM studio was a beautiful place and highly positive energies, again, perfect for the event. Everything had fallen in the right place and the Team was all set! OMKARA, the 6 hour intensive workshop covering topics like Knowing your Real Self, Meditation, Chakras, Karma, Past Life Regression, Psychic Development, Parapsychology and Removing Fear once again succeeded in bringing the needed change in the lives of people. The participants showed a keen interest in all the activities. They expressed their views of being totally charged without the influence of any religious beliefs.

After Mumbai, Pune was a big hit and we feel blessed that we are being given such opportunities. India is a religious country, a country where Paranormal is a taboo. And 2 successive workshops, which got accepted so well. It's a thing to cherish.

And here's the news. The Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society, is planning a dynamic workshop for the next version of OMKARA, OMKARA V 2.0

OMKARA, an intensive workshop by PAIRS aims at “Bringing Light into the Darkness’’ beginning with bringing light into our very own darkness.

On the other hand, PAIRS is hosting OMKARA again in Mumbai and this time it's special. It is OMKARA - The Youth Special.

Early Birds Live Now!

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