Ajna or Third-eye Chakra is the sixth primary chakra in the human body. It is a part of the brain which can be made more powerful through repetition, like a muscle, and it signifies the subconscious mind, our direct link to the Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, and any other name associated with the Creator of this amazing Universe and everything in it.

The third eye chakra connects people to their intuitions, gives them the ability to communicate with the world, and helps them receive messages from the past and the future.

Ajna translates as "command" or "perceive" and is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. Its associated sense organ is the brain. When something is seen in the mind's eye, or in a dream, it is being seen by Ajna. Meditation upon Ajna supposedly grants powers to quickly enter another body at will and to become omniscient.

All paranormal abilities, which an individual latently possesses like: telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, levitation, materialization, ability to see aura and many more are possible only if Ajna Chakra is functional. The level of consciousness is so high in this center that the person starts to see the hidden essence of all visible appearances. The person’s perception starts to change its focus and the person starts to see the light aura around all life forms and objects around. With the use of the Ajna chakra power, the person can easily read other people’s thoughts and intentions, make telekinetic influence on them, heal them, etc.

Therefore, when the third eye in one is open, the spirit is free to walk to other worlds.

Let us see what Science says:

How do magnets affect things at a distance? How does the Sun heat our planet from 93 million miles away? How can we send messages across the world with our cell phones? We take these seemingly simple things for granted, but in fact there was a time not too long ago when the processes behind them were poorly understood, if at all… and, to the uninformed, there could seem to be a certain sense of "magic" about them.

We all know that the brain is the most important organ of human, but it is said that we use only 3-10% of its capacity consciously; the rest of 90-97% is used by us subconsciously. We also know that it is specialized in processing the information, which is absolutely necessary for regulating inter organs and human behavior in a changing environment. Our brain has a very important energetic power, which might mean major changes in our existence and evolution.

Remember that the object that you want to move does not exist , it's just a code of information , bit 0101011100, this is an example. everything that surrounds you is just a code , and you are a Co-creator , a programmer, so you can change that code through your brain's power which is a processor. By changing the code you are able to move the object or to change it in other object or whatever you want to do with it. In quantum physics everything around us is made from atoms , even you , those atoms are the bits with information 01010101.

Telekinesis refers to mechanical actions performed from the distance on material objects. So, it is about an object capable to move other things without touching them. In these situations there is always a human subject. There is a person who triggers the psycho-kinetic effect.

In the unimaginably weird world of sub atomic particles such as electrons (carriers of electric current), individual particles exist in many places at the same time!

In fact, right now you’re using a computer, which is basically a whole bunch of electronic parts called transistors. Each and every one of those transistors would not function unless electrons existed in multiple places at once (a bizarre phenomenon called Quantum Superposition).

So what does Quantum Superposition have to do with telekinesis or mind over matter?

Well, particles like electrons don’t always live in any particular place, but in a sort of smear of many places, most very close to each other, some very far away. Another way of putting it is that some tiny packets of matter are slightly everywhere, but precisely nowhere.

This means that many electrons in the room you’re sitting in right now—like those in your computer—exist in the computer and inside your brain!

And what happens inside your brain every time you think?

Electric currents flow and electromagnetic fields are created that exert influence on electrons, including those that occupy spaces inside and outside your head.

Now when you push or pull on an electron with an electric field (like an electron in static electricity accumulating on your dog's fur), the electron moves a little. When that happens to an electron that occupies many spaces at the same time, it will experience what physicists call…. a collapse.

An electron when you generate an electric field with your thoughts: you cause multiple, simultaneous incarnations of that particle to “collapse” into occupying one particular place. And that “place” can be inside your brain, somewhere in the room you’re sitting in, or 14 billion light years away on the far side of the universe.

If particles are slightly everywhere and precisely nowhere, then some particles that make up you are inside of you at the same time they exist on the opposite side of the universe! A quantum “tap” that originates on the far side of the universe—say an exploding star--could cause a “collapse” inside your skull!

Your thoughts move the universe outside you -- and the universe moves you.

This mere thought to move an object outside intersects with the particles inside of you to actually move the object distant from you with the electromagnetic fields.

We are creatures of the universe, subject to the same laws of physics as everything else. As everyone knows, there are many things we don’t understand about biology and neuroscience, not to mention the ultimate laws of physics. But there are many things that we do understand, and only the most basic features of quantum field theory suffice to definitively rule out the idea that we can influence objects from a distance through the workings of pure thought.

The simplest example is telekinesis, the ability to remotely move an object using only psychic powers. For definitiveness, let’s consider the power of spoon-bending

  • Spoons are made of ordinary matter.

This sounds uncontroversial, but is worth explaining. Spoons are made of atoms, and we know what atoms are made of — electrons bound by photons to an atomic nucleus, which in turn consists of protons and neutrons, which in turn are made of quarks held together by gluons. Five species of particles total: up and down quarks, gluons, photons, electrons. That’s it.

There is no room for extra kinds of mysterious particles clinging, aura-like, to the matter in a spoon. That’s because we know how particles behave. If there were some other kind of particle in the spoon, it would have to interact with the ordinary matter we know is there — otherwise it wouldn’t stick, it would just zip right through, as neutrinos zip right through the Earth nearly undisturbed. And if there were a kind of particle that interacted with the ordinary particles in the spoon strongly enough to stick to the spoon, we could easily make it in experiments. The rules of quantum field theory directly relate the interaction rates of particles to the ease with which we can create them in the lab, given enough energy. And we know exactly how much energy is available in a spoon; we know the masses of the atoms, and the kinetic energy of thermal motions within the metal. Taken together, we can say without any fear of making a mistake that any new particles that might exist within a spoon would have been detected in experiments long ago.

  • Matter interacts through forces.

We’ve known for a long time that the way to move matter is to exert a force on it — Newton’s Law, F=ma, is at least the second most famous equation in physics. In the context of quantum field theory, we know precisely how forces arise: through the exchange of quantum fields. We know that only two kinds of fields exist: bosons and fermions. We know that macroscopic forces only arise from the exchange of bosons, not of fermions; the exclusion principle prohibits fermions from piling up in the same state to create a coherent long-range force field. And, perhaps most importantly, we know what forces can couple to: the properties of the matter fields that constitute an object. These properties include location, mass, spin, and various “charges” such as electric charge or baryon number.

This is where the previous point comes in. Spoons are just a certain arrangement of five kinds of elementary particles — up and down quarks, gluons, electrons, and photons. So if there is going to be a force that moves around a spoon, it’s going to have to couple to those particles. Once you tell me how many electrons etc. there are in the spoon, and the arrangement of their positions and spins, we can say with confidence how any particular kind of force will influence the spoon; no further information is required.

Telekinesis is blend of Science and Spirituality. To be one with yourself to sync with the Universe is essence to move world outside you.


Let's Bring Light Into Darkness!

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