The Parapsychology and Investigations Research Society, is a paranormal organization of dedicated Paranormal investigators, Parapsychologists, Paranormal researchers, Demonologists, Spiritual healers and Counsellors dealing in the scientific study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena. We at P.A.I.R.S aim to find the nature of human and its mind through intensive research, experiments and investigations. The P.A.I.R.S is an organization, that has dedicated itself to remove the fear of the unknown by educating the mass with its research work.

The Parapsychology And Investigations Research Society is the official working arm of our organization, the Parapsychology Reformative Social Society ( P.R.S.S) which is registered under the Government of India.


Headed by Certified Paranormal Investigator and

Certified Demonologist, Rev. Sarbajeet Mohanty,

PAIRS Investigators are the best in the field.

Equipped with some of the latest gadgets,

to investigate, we venture into the

world of unknown to bring out the real deal.

With no fear and a believe to help the souls of both Physical and Spiritual world, PAIRS Investigators, investigate the Paranormal with full

dedication and compassion.


Headed by Reiki Grand Master, Pooja Vijay, PAIRS healers and counsellors, are fully aware of, what they are doing. With a vast knowledge of variety Healing techniques, Past Life Regression methods, counselling techniques, we deal with a variety of cases.


Events are an important part of our mission, as it helps in reaching out to the public personally. We host a range of events that includes the Annual Paranormal Convention, ScareCon, our Spiritual workshop OMKARA, Spiritual Retreats, Meditation session to name a few.


PAIRS is actively involved with production houses

and film makers to bring the best

horror web series/ show/ movies

with educational and real life incidents.


Designed and instructed by professionals, PAIRS Courses will take you through a journey of self exploration and learning. 

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