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The concept of the soul and of reincarnation have always been a topic of debate. The origins of my interest in reincarnation go back to my mother, that was a born spiritualist. I have always felt that we, as individuals, may have memories within us that are not of this life. This lead me to my quest for information on reincarnation and became a template for my spiritual life. I felt that proof of confirmation of reincarnation would be the confirmation of the soul. I believe that children are closer to their potential because they have not yet been shattered by societal objectives and their education, along with societal templates. Children are open. This is how my research with reincarnation began, with children, that have memories of occurrences of lives that are not of this world. ! ! ! Evidence of Reincarnation: My search started with the former professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Doctor Ian Stevenson, Ph.D., and his lifelong research project on reincarnation. He is best known for his studies on children and reincarnation for more than forty years. He investigated over 3,000 cases of children said to have memories of past lives. Of these cases, 1,200 were objectively validated. His research showed commonalities of personality traits, preferences and habits. Facial recognition software showed proof of resemblance of the child to his or her prior incarnation. There was a noted correlation between current life birthmarks and fatal wounds afflicted in the prior lives. I found it interesting to note that the marks were present on the time of the child's body at the time of birth. The remembrances of these children are too detailed to be dismissed as coincidence. The children noted, names, locations, occupations, families, siblings and parents. There were instances that children showed phobias from past traumas, not experienced in the their present lives. ! ! Video 1: Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation by Doctor Ian Stevenson Ph.D. Case Study: Titu Singh

Video 2: Boy Remembers Previous Life Reincarnation Document ! It was then that I found a documentary on Youtube about a little boy in India, named Titu, that had a remembrance at of a life that he claims that he previously lived, by the name of Suresh Verma. He told his parents that he had been married to a woman named Uma and had two children named Ronu and Sonu. He had owned an electronics store just 13km away from where he currently lived with his family. He explained that he owned a home in Sahaganj and exclaimed that it had been conned from him. He planned on getting it back one day, with a look of consternation. He went on to say that he was shot in the head on his way home one night. He was adamant about this experience, so his parents decided to take him to Agra. This is where he met his wife, children and his parents. He recognized his place of business. An investigation into Suresh’s autopsy report noted that the bullet hit him on the right temple, just as Titu exclaimed. His father shaved his head in the exact location, which showed a “birthmark” in the exact location and the exact size as the autopsy report. The most amazing, was that Suresh’s wife, children and parents believe that Titu is the soul of their beloved Suresh.

Book: Return To Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

Author: Jim B. Tucker M.D. Doctor Jim Tucker, a colleague of Doctor Ian Stevenson, Ph.D., continued research after Doctor Stevenson’s death. He is a University of Virginia psychiatrist. His research further corroborated the evidence of Doctor Ian Stevenson. Presenting each families story and child’s statements while describing his scientific investigations. Conclusion: After reviewing much research, I have been given a new perspective on the human psyche. The psychological levels, the spiritual levels, and the frequencies within. Is there consciousness after death? I believe that consciousness, on many levels, deeply continues and there are many levels that are emerging, as we become more conscious, to humanity, as a whole, in our evolutionary process. There are many parts of our psychic continuum that we yet do not understand. I have begun to see how these experiences or memories are intricately connected in reincarnation studies. These individuals have a belief and a knowing within themselves, that evidence cannot refute. Proven by family members, locations, full names of the individuals, and how they died. Some might say that evidence is not the same as proof, but there is no question that there is empirical evidence. Perhaps spirit and science are one and the same, and reincarnation is what being born again really means.


Books: Return To Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives

Author: Jim B. Tucker M.D.

St. Martins Press

ISBN-13: 978-1250063489

Videos: Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation by Doctor Ian Stevenson Ph.D. Reincarnation 108

Boy Remembers Previous Life Reincarnation Document Keith88221

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