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What is Parapsychology?

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The term Parapsychology coined by philosopher Max Dessoir which was later adopted by JB Rhine in the 1930s as a replacement for psychical research, originates from Greek word "para "' meaning ‘alongside’’ and psychology . Parapsychology is the study of "'paranormal'' occurrences and psychic phenomenon which include but are not limited to ..

Telepathy – Term coined by Frederic Myers is derived from the Greek word ‘tele’ meaning ‘distance’ and ‘patheia’ meaning ‘feeling’ .Telepathy, a form of ESP ( extra sensory perception ) is a direct communication between two living being without any written or verbal communication. It mainly refers to mind to mind communication without using any of the known senses. Parapsychology describes various forms of telepathy, some of them being :

Instinctive telepathy- This form of telepathy is apparent between animals and also between animals and humans. The mysterious migration patterns of birds and other animals , the ways in which dogs or other animals anticipate their owners arrival are such examples.

Latent Telepathy – An instance where there seems to be a time lag between transmission and reception.

Precognitive and Retrocognitive Telepathy- Refers to the transfer of information concerning the future or past mental state of other conscious being.

Super conscious or Spiritual Telepathy- this involves a direct line of communication with the super conscious or the collective wisdom of the Universal Intelligence.

Clairvoyance – Derived from the French word ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘voyance’ meaning vision, clairvoyance is an ability to discern images which are not readily detected by the five senses.

Clairvoyants can get visions of events occurring in past ( retrocognition ) or future ( precognition ) or geographic distances i.e events happening simultaneously in different locations. Some of the other well-known psychic abilities falling under what is collectively called as ‘clairs’ are-

Clairsentience – Clear feeling

Clairaudience – Clear hearing

Claicognizance - Clear knowing

Cairscent – Clear smelling

Clairgustance- Clear tasting

Clairtangency/ Psychometry- Clear touching

Psychokinesis ( PK ) – It is the psychic ability to move or affect an object without physical contact. This term proposed by psychologist J.B Rhine and his associates is directly related to ‘Poltergiest’ activity. The technical term for poltergeist activity ‘Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis’ ( RSPK) indicates that the majority of the poltergeists are not spirits or ghosts , but rather a psychokinetic activity that originates from a psychically sensitive human agent.

Bi-location – A person being seen at two places at the same time.

Near Death Experience ( NDE )- Experiences of people after they have been declared clinically dead or been very close to death. The typical features of NDE are Out of body experience ( OBE), warmth, unconditional love, painlessness , life review, tunnel experience, presence of bright light, seeing dead relatives or friends, divine presence, being given an option to return back to the body.

Reincarnation – The belief that some aspect of a person’s ‘ being’, the consciousness, the personality or the soul survives physical death and can be reborn in a brand new body. Reincarnation is often seen as a repeating cycle of death and rebirth influenced by past and present actions through the law of Karma.

Past life regression is one of the techniques to unlock the mysteries and recover the imprints or memories of the past lives or the incarnations.

Apparitional experiences - A phenomenon often attributed to ghosts which is a popular term for an experience believed to indicate the presence of the spirit of a deceased person. It can also be termed as a visual experience ( hallucination ), often of a person or scene, generally in a waking or hypnagogic state.

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